The 2022 Law360 Pulse Social Impact Leaders

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For all types of businesses, social responsibility is becoming a strategic imperative, and firms are under pressure to embrace responsible business practices and to promote them as a core part of their business model.

How can we put such practices in context, and evaluate and measure the seriousness with which lawyers and firms are approaching social responsibility? How do we know if firms are just checking a box or putting significant resources into this area of their business?

Law360 Pulse proudly presents the 2022 Social Impact Leaders, a ranking of law firms that seeks to measure their engagement with social responsibility from a holistic point of view.

Our ranking measures firms' efforts across five pillars: racial and ethnic diversity, gender equality, employee engagement, pro bono service and responsible business practices – a component we added this year. These elements play a strong role in the making of firms' internal and external reputations, and taken together, form one essential part of what it means to be a leading competitor in the legal market.

This is the first of three rankings that look at firms from multiple angles. The second ranking, the 2022 Prestige Leaders, published Dec. 5 and the Law360 Pulse Leaderboard — our marquee list of the firms that have it all — on Dec. 12.

These Firms Are The 2022 Social Impact Leaders

By Gerald Schifman and Ben Jay | November 28, 2022

Firms are under pressure to embrace both the obligations and opportunities of responsible business practices. Check out this year's list of the law firms that stand out for their social responsibility efforts and commitments to this work.

Law360 Pulse Social Impact Leaders Methodology

Read more about our methodology for calculating the 2022 Law360 Pulse Social Impact Leaders.

The 2022 Pro Bono Ranking: How Firms Stack Up

By Gerald Schifman | Graphic by Ben Jay | November 28, 2022

Pro bono work is among the most effective ways that law firms can make a positive impact, and these efforts are often central to firms' social responsibility portfolios. See which firms are leading the pack.

How Law Firms Are Focusing Their Pro Bono Efforts

By Gerald Schifman | Graphic by Ben Jay | November 28, 2022

When lawyers work pro bono, what services are they offering and what areas of the law are they focusing on? Here, Law360 Pulse looks at firms' pro bono priorities.

How Firms Are Getting The Most Out Of Their Pro Bono Work

By Marco Poggio | November 28, 2022

From BigLaw to boutiques, each law firm has its own way of integrating pro bono. Some make their pro bono commitment public. Others choose to fly under the radar, forgoing the public relations value pro bono can bring. But overall, the goal is the same: making an impact while developing a strong firm culture.

When Diversity Starts At The Top For Law Firms

By Kevin Penton | November 28, 2022

Law firm leaders spoke with Law360 Pulse about the strategies they followed to ensure that their management or executive committees are diverse and how this helped the firms meet their social responsibility goals.

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