The 2021 Law360 Pulse Social Impact Leaders

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To give firms a fresh perspective on how they compare to their competitors, Law360 Pulse has created a brand new law firm ranking, which looks at firms from multiple angles so our readers can match their own ideas of success with what they find in our data.

The legal industry often places a high priority on firms' financial success as a measure of strength, and while that's a piece of the whole, we wanted to dig deeper. Our goal is to look holistically at law firms and assess them across a broad range of categories to highlight what they're doing well and what they could improve.

Today's publication of the Law360 Pulse Social Impact Leaders marks the first of three parts of our new ranking, with two still to come. The social impact ranking, in which we take a look at what firms are doing to make the world a better place, includes four important pillars: pro bono work, racial and ethnic diversity, gender equality and employee engagement. These play a strong role in the making of firms' internal and external reputations, so we feel it's important to shine a light on them.

The ranking draws on data from our inaugural pro bono survey as well as our annual Glass Ceiling and Diversity Snapshot reports.

Next month, we'll take a look at attributes we think demonstrate a firm's prestige. Then, in January, we'll add a final ranking that also assesses the work firms are doing in the transactional and litigation spaces, to come up with a total score for the firms that make our list.

Check out our analysis and interactive graphics to see how firms compare as they engage with the idea of making a social impact and finding ways it can be measured.

Social Impact Leaders: How Does Your Firm Measure Up?

By Jacqueline Bell and Gerald Schifman  |  Graphic by Rachel Reimer  |  Nov. 1, 2021

Law firms have long made professional commitments to give back. But how do we assess the current social impact and social responsibility vision of law firms that are committing themselves to this work? How much of it is lip service? How much of it is having an impact?

Social Impact Leaders: A Look At Our New Law Firm Ranking

By Kerry G. Benn  |  Nov. 1, 2021

Join Law360 Pulse as we embark on a brand new project examining what makes law firms successful, beginning with our social impact leaders — firms that are making their mark with their pro bono work, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and creating a place where attorneys want to work.

Law360 Pulse Social Impact Leaders Methodology

By Jacqueline Bell and Gerald Schifman  |  Nov. 1, 2021

Click here to read more about our methodology for calculating the 2021 Law360 Pulse Social Impact Leaders.

Social Impact Leaders: Sizing Up Firms' Pro Bono Services

By Gerald Schifman  |  Graphic by Ben Jay  |  Nov. 1, 2021

The events of 2020 presented attorneys with an unprecedented demand for their pro bono services. Here, Law360 looks at which firms led the pack on pro bono workload last year.

Inside The Pro Bono Work Law Firms Are Doing

By Jacqueline Bell  |  Graphic by Ben Jay  |  Nov. 1, 2021

When lawyers work pro bono, what are they working on? With so many areas of legal need, where do they focus their time?

As Social Impact Becomes The Test, Firms Asked To Step Up

By Jacqueline Bell  |  Nov. 1, 2021

A sense of social responsibility has always been with the legal profession. But if firms go beyond the basics, they may find they can both leverage their impact on society and better serve their clients.

Why Pro Bono Can Be A Game Changer In Recruiting

By Marco Poggio  |  Nov. 1, 2021

In an age where aspiring attorneys are increasingly conscious about the impact of their work on society, pro bono work has become a potent tool for firms to attract, recruit and retain talent.

Where Firms Are Investing Their Pro Bono Resources

By Marco Poggio  |  Nov. 1, 2021

The last two years have marked a watershed for pro bono legal work. Here, Law360 Pulse looks at where firms are directing their pro bono resources to address unmet legal needs as the country emerges from the pandemic.

Leadership Is Key To Closing Mid-Law's Pro Bono Gap

By Emma Cueto  |  Nov. 1, 2021

Firms with no more than 600 attorneys lag behind the bigger players when it comes to pro bono activity — but they can close that gap with commitment from leadership and dedicated pro bono personnel.

Why Firms Should Help Associates Do More Pro Bono Work

Edited By Nataleeya Boss and Betty Vine  |  Nov. 1, 2021

Associates may hesitate to take on the added commitment of pro bono matters, but such work has tangible skill-building benefits, so firms should consider compensation and leadership strategies to encourage participation, says Rasmeet Chahil at Lowenstein Sandler.

A Road Map For Creating Law Firm Sustainability Programs

Edited By Nataleeya Boss  |  Nov. 1, 2021

Amid demands from clients and prospective hires for greater sustainability efforts, law firms should think beyond reusable mugs and create programs that incorporate clear leadership structures, emission tracking and reduction goals, and frameworks for reporting results, says Gayatri Joshi at the Law Firm Sustainability Network.

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