About FTCWatch

Since 1976, FTCWatch has been the nation’s leading independent newsletter focused exclusively on antitrust, consumer protection and privacy enforcement developments initiated by the Federal Trade Commission, the antitrust division of the Department of Justice, and state Attorneys General.

With an emphasis on advance news, political analysis and investigative reporting, FTCWatch covers not only the policies, programs and personnel at the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureaus of Competition and Consumer Protection, but also the civil and criminal investigations at the antitrust division of the Department of Justice; the competition, consumer protection and privacy enforcement activities of state and local officials.

Founded in 1976 by two former FTC staff members, FTCWatch has been recognized by the Washington Post as the “Bible” of antitrust trade journals, and its editors and reporters have been praised for their influence and investigative reporting by the likes of the National Journal and the Columbia Journalism Review.

FTCWatch’s national and international subscribers include virtually every member of the American Lawyer’s list of top 100 firms, as well as premier class action plaintiff’s firms, national trade associations, the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, Senate and House subcommittees, universities, think tanks, and state offices of Attorneys General.

FTCWatch is available electronically in PDF form, via IP address recognition for enterprise wide distribution as well as by individual username and password.

FTCWatch is electronically published twice a month, 22 times a year, except in August when Northern Hemisphere governments leave town.